Whole Life

Level death benefit, level premiums, whole life insurance policy.

  • Minimum Face Amount $10,000

  • Minimum Issue Age is 0

  • Maximum Issue Age is 75

  • Premiums are guaranteed to remain level

  • 20 pay plan available

Whole Life

90% Commission

A low cost permanent life insurance product available to applicants ages 0 through 75, at face amounts as low as $10,000.


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Issue Ages 0 - 19 20 - 49 50 - 75
Face Amount $10,000 $25,000 $50,000
Whole Life Level Premium - Level Death Benefit
Twenty Pay Whole Life Paid up in Twenty Years
Male Female
Standard Non-Tobacco Standard Non-Tobacco
Standard Tobacco Standard Tobacco
Additional Term Rider Additional term life insurance protection on the primary insured. Renewable and Convertible.
Children's Insurance Rider Term life insurance protection on the primary insured's minor children.
Spouse Insurance Rider Term life insurance protection on the primary insured's spouse. Renewable and Convertible.
Additional Paid-Up Insurance Rider Purchase additional amounts of paid-up insurance.
Accidental Death Benefit Additional benefit payable for accidental death. Limits and Exclusions Apply. (See policy for details)
Waiver of Premium for Disability Policy premiums may be waved during a covered disability according to policy provisions. Limits and Exclusions Apply.

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