UNI-Mark® Universal Life Insurance

  • Flexibility in changing benefit amounts during life of policy

  • Accumulation values based on current interest rates

  • Permanent protection with premium flexibility

Universal Life

90% Commission

Flexible Premium Adjustable Universal Life Insurance.


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  • 0 - 80 Years

Issue Ages 0 - 49 50+
Face Amount $25,000 $50,000
  • Subject to underwriting

Male Female
Preferred Plus Non-Tobacco Preferred Plus Non-Tobacco
Preferred Non-Tobacco Preferred Non-Tobacco
Preferred Tobacco Preferred Tobacco
Standard Non-Tobacco Standard Non-Tobacco
Standard Tobacco Standard Tobacco
Option A: Level
Option B: Increasing
  • 15 years (Assumes minimum premiums paid & accumulation value greater than 0)

  • 19 Years

Specified Amount Increase After 1st year, require evidence of insurability
Specified Amount Decrease After 1st year, does not require evidence of insurability
  • 3%

Additional Insurance Rider Additional protection on the primary insured
Other Insured Rider Protection for additional family members
Children's Benefit Rider Protection specific to children (Issue age 0-17)
Decreasing Additional Insurance Rider Decreasing term insurance on the primary insured offered as alternative to provide a monthly income similar to a surviving spouse benefit
Waiver of Cost of Insurance Waives the monthly cost of insurance deduction, keeps policy in force during period of disability
Accidental Death Benefit Additional life insurance for deaths caused by an accident as defined in policy
Guaranteed Benefit Increase Right to increase the death benefit at certain ages without evidence of insurability
Terminal Illness Benefit A no-additional cost, one-time benefit that allows access up to 50% (to a maximum of $250,000) of face amount of the policy in the event the insured is diagnosed, after effective date of policy, with a terminal illness with a life expectancy is 12 months or less.

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